Frequently Asked Questions

I have made a booking, what do I need to bring with me on the day of arrival?

  • Vaccination Certificate. All dogs must be vaccinated with a C5 vaccination at least two weeks prior to their stay.
  • 50% payment on arrival, Cash, Cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer Only.

Do you accept non de-sexed dogs?

  • Yes we do, please inform our staff of your females cycle so we can be prepared if she comes into season.
  • We take females in season all year round except through the Christmas period.

Do you accept all breeds?

  • Yes we do, here at Box Hill Lodge Kennels we have a 100% non discrimination policy.

What is the minimum boarding age?

  • We will take a pup as long as it is 2 weeks after its 3rd and final puppy vaccination, which is generally between 3-4 months old.

Will you take my dog if he/she is not dog friendly?

  • Yes we will, dogs here are kennelled individually unless asked otherwise. Please inform our staff if this is the case, as we often do group playtime sessions.

Do you board Cats or other animals?

  • We don’t board cats here, but we do recommend ‘Fee’s Cattery’ which is 500meters up the road. Please ask for their details when making a booking for your dog.
  • We can cater for some livestock/poultry.
  • We don’t board reptiles, amphibians or rodents.

Does my dog need to be flea and tick protected?

  • Whilst it is not compulsory your dog is flea and tick protected, we strongly recommend doing so.
  • We offer flea and ticks products for sale over the counter.

Do you offer a day minding service?

  • Yes we offer a day minding service at a cheaper rate, please ask our staff for more information.

What happens if my pet gets sick whilst boarding?

  • In the unlikely event that your dog requires veterinary treatment during their stay we will attempt to contact you or your listed emergency contact via the telephone numbers provided. If we are unable to reach you on the telephone, we will attempt to contact you via the email address provided. If we are still unable to make contact, we will make a decision based on the welfare and best interest of the dog.
  • Please note that all veterinary fees are the responsibility of the owner and must be sorted out on presentation of invoice.

What if my dog is on medication?

  • We are more than happy to cater for dogs that are on medication, this includes diabetic dogs, bandage changing, daily pills etc.
  • There is a surcharge of $2 per administration.

What if I change my booking?

  • If you need to change your booking please let us know as soon as possible. It is not a problem.
  • Over the Christmas period, there will be no price change if you reduce the amount of days originally booked.

What’s your minimum stay over Christmas?

  • Over our Christmas period, the minimum invoiced days are 5. This doesn’t mean that your dog has to stay that long, but this is the minimum charge.

What kind of food do you feed the dogs, can I bring my own?

  • All food is included in the pricing, with choices of a large variety of brands of kibble, pasta, rice, fresh and cooked meats.
  • You are more than welcome to supply for your own dog, at no additional fee or discount.

What if my dog is an escape artist, storm or firework scared?

  • If your dog can jump fences, please let our staff no when making a booking so we can allocate a roofed run.
  • Our indoor facility is perfect for storm/firework scared dogs, as it is made from insulated panels that keeps the noise out.

What are your operating hours?

  • Monday to Saturday: 7am-11am, 3pm-6pm
    Sunday: 7am-11am
  • Open Sunday afternoons in December and January from 3pm-6pm. Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, and Good Friday.
  • We prefer not to have pickup/drop offs outside of our hours, we have a 4 hour break in the day to give the dogs a chance to rest due to the stimulating environment and large grass runs.
  • In the event of an out of hours pickup/drop off, you will be charged a $20 fee.

What do you do to keep my dog cool on the hot summer days/ cold winter days?

  • On the hot summer days we change the dogs water bowls with fresh refrigerated water at least 3 times a day.
  • If we do notice a dog in an outside run that isn’t coping to well with the heat we will move them indoors, where it is a lot cooler and multiple fans are running.
  • We ask that if you are booking an outside run during winter and are worried about your dog getting cold/wet. Please bring a coat along, we are more than happy to put them on and take them off when appropriate.
  • If we do notice a dog that can’t handle the cold, we will move them indoors where it stays a lot warmer due to the insulated panels.

Important Information

Canine Cough (kennel cough)

  • Unfortunately for boarding kennels and other dog facilities, no amount of supervision or hygiene practices can completely eliminate the presence of Canine Cough. While we insist that all our canine guests are vaccinated before staying with us, this does not stop the presence of canine cough.
  • Signs include a persistent cough often followed by gagging. If your pet displays any of these signs after their stay, it is recommended that your dog is rested with plenty of water and away from other dogs. If the coughing persists or your dog becomes lethargic, please consult with your vet.
  • We will make all attempts to prevent any outbreak of Canine Cough, however like Human colds and Flu’s the virus is unpredictable even in the cleanest environment. We will not be held accountable in the event that a dog contracts the virus but will make every attempt to make sure the dog is comfortable and treatment is sought.
  • Please note that all veterinary fees are the responsibility of the owner and must be sorted out on presentation of invoice.

After Your Pets Stay

  • As we have large grass runs and offer daily exercise the dogs get very stimulated and use a lot more energy than they are used to at home. As a result, please don’t be surprised if your dog is lethargic or sleeps for a few days after their stay.
  • If your dog has an upset stomach after their stay, this could be a result of changing their diet back and forth. We feed premium EUKANUBA dry food along with pasta, rice, fresh and cooked meat. Feel free to supply your dogs own food if he/she gets an upset stomach easily.
  • If you are concerned about your dog after their stay, please feel free to contact us with any questions.