About Box Hill Lodge Dog Kennels

Box Hill Lodge Kennels has been a family owned business for over 30 years. Based in Sydney’s North West, we have a hard working, family oriented staff who all share a passion for pets, and having them as part of their lives.


Box Hill Lodge Kennels has been an established dog kennel since 1977. The business is entering into its 37th year of being one of the best facilities for pets in Sydney.

The last 18 years has seen the property evolve into an exceptional boarding facility for all types of dogs, providing services that include grooming, kenneling and much more.

Our Team

All our staff have a serious passion to provide your dog with the highest quality kennel service possible – always giving your pet a safe, secure, engaging and relaxing environment to spend time in.

Joyce Cauchi



Considered as the mother of Box Hill Lodge Kennels, Joyce has been working with her family business at Box Hill Lodge Kennels for 30 years. Joyce works 7 days a week on the property, looking after senior residence and those who need medical attention. She has a soft spot in her heart for the puppies at Box Hill Kennels, having much experience in breeding and raising young pups. Joyce is an imperative part of our team, and family at Box Hill Lodge Kennels. She brings a real motherly presence to the team, and is always keen to treat your pup with love!

    Rodney Cauchi


    With 31 years of experience with dogs, Rodney provides a real sense reliability and professionalism with his work at Box Hill Lodge Kennels. Rodney owns three dogs himself, and is always keen to make new four legged friends. In his 9th year of employment at Box Hill Lodge Kennels, he is excited to continue in his role of business expansion and day to day flow of the business. Rodney works 7 days a week at the kennel, and wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves creating an environment for dogs not just to relax, but to enjoy and have fun! Rodney is keen to meet you and your own dog!